Active Directory (AD)

June Chung
2 min readJan 14, 2021


First Create Active Directory in AWS
- (type in like a domain name)
- 2 Availability zones

Create Master Server EC2

  • add this computer to the domain !
    ( System Properties > Computer Name Domain > Add the domain)
    - If cannot find domain -> need to add the domain name(or IP) in the computer network configurations
    - To avoid this you can click on “domain add” during EC2 provisioning
  • ncpa.cpl (network control pannel A) : network and internet>network connections
  • Ethernet > properties > IPV4 click > properties
  • You need to type in DNS server manually (DHCP settings ) — “Use the following DNS server”
  • Get DNS address of AWS or AD settings (usually 2 ip, add one in)
  • And try add computer to domain name again
  • After this you will get prompt to login with AD’s ADMIN USER
  • Restart computer (automatically)
  • *** After this you will need to login using AD User ID (or admin) for the computer, not the AWS Actual Admin (but also can)
  • AFter login you need to configure (add Role) to the computer, right now we are trying to make new Instance as ADMIN for all Ad computers.
    Go in Server Manager > Add role > go through NEXT
  • Among Select Roles, AD XXX Services (AD Certificate Services, AD Domain Services.. ) this is managed by AWS if you are using AWS Managed AD. If installation on fresh machine, need to install… so in this case skip
  • Features > click the right roles you want to manage (featuers you want to manage)


  • Now control the slave AD instances via your master Instance
    Control Panel > System & Security > Administrative tools
    you can see the control items downloaded
    - especially to create user and password -> “Active Directory Users and Computers”
  • Go to domain name -> users .. and create a user account
    - Not the USER folder