All About RocketChat

June Chung
1 min readJan 28, 2021


Attaching EFS to Rocket Chat or MongoDB instance
1. Beware of the Security groups
2. Install yum install nfs-utils (to mount via nfs)
- you can mount via nfs, efs helper(DNS), or by IP
3. execute command mount -t nfs4 -o XXXXX:/ /where/you/want/to/mount(inlocal)
- to unmount umount /where/you/mounted/on/local

  • * You should not mount where there is existing files (will disappear until you umount) — just like a room, overriden by a new room
  • * Permissions on docker containers!
    ex. Docker container /app/uploads
    mount to Local /uploads — mounted with EFS /uploads
    *** need to MOUNT EFS and then change /uploads (permissions) before running docker container — or it the permissions will not be open
    >> Docker container inherits the permissions of the local volume !!!

After installation what configurations need to be done?

  • share drive enable
  • virtual meeting enable
  • AD authentication
    - Add default domain
    OR it won’t even fetch users (email is forced in rocketchat)

Questions> Why can’t they reach AD DNS name? and only IP ?
Is it coz i did not create the DNS record?