Cloud Formation — Basics

  1. Mapping — fixed variables within template
  2. Resources — actual allocation/definition happens

fixed set of variables — used depending on situation

<< This means… if you’re us-east-1 and using 32 bit, you will use this ami

If want to use + don’t want to search for your self
: !FindInMap [RegionMap, !Ref “AWS::Region”, 32]


  • If special occasion, can use double quote “ ”
    In general, you don’t need quotes.

Got data from stack over flow :

  • Use quotes if your value includes special characters, (e.g. :, {, }, [, ], ,, &, *, #, ?, |, -, <, >, =, !, %, @, \).
  • Single quotes let you put almost any character in your string, and won’t try to parse escape codes. '\n' would be returned as the string \n.
  • Double quotes parse escape codes. "\n" would be returned as a line feed character.
  • The exclamation mark introduces a method, e.g. !ruby/sym to return a Ruby symbol.

Seems to me that the best approach would be to not use quotes unless you have to, and then to use single quotes unless you specifically want to process escape codes.




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