Buying domain in any DNS provider ex. godaddy
EX. Godaddy -> ‘Use my domain’ -> CLICK on “DNS” (don’t go to host website or anything else)
Create EC2 public domain ( Route 53)


  • Name Server (NS record) : Who owns the domain? (if this changes, the whole set of configurations of A record, C Name etc changes)
  • A record , AAAA record : domain — IP
  • C Name (alias) : domain — another nick name
  • MX record : Mail server
  • TXT record : text record, to verify who owns the domain

Adding A record (

## Letsencrypt ( with certbot )
$ wget https://dl.eff.org/certbot-auto
$ chmod a+x certbot-auto

cf) if they don’t recognize your OS (change redhat to AWS Linux)



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